Stronger Than Iron Book Release

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    Stronger than Iron Book – the story of the epic journey of the Triple Deca in Italy last year 2013. The 30 Ironmans in 30 days race.

    Stronger than Iron Book will be out in the first week of May. Then it will also be out in Amazon and in other e-reader stores.

    For more information about pre-order of the book please CLICK HERE!

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at


    Jet Lag – Top 10 Elimination Tips for Athletes

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    For those of you that travel long distances (via planes) for work, vacations or races, jet lag can become a significant factor until the body acclimates to new time zones.   Over all the years of traveling and trying many different methods to reduce the exhaustive affects of traveling, below is my list of top 10 things to do to feel better when dealing with long hours sitting in the plane.

    In over 25 years of traveling, I have incorporated many crazy ideas including pushups on the plane, running up and down escalators in the airport prior to leaving (with briefcase on the back), – yes I looked like an idiot. Of all the different methods, the most important is to drink a lot of water.

    Top 10 Tips to eliminate Jet Lag with long flights (6+ hours)

    1. During the flight one of the common problems is the significant dehydration that will compound every hour, keep alcohol to a minimum. I know you might need a few glasses of wine just to relax if you’re not accustomed to long travel, but it will help if you reduce or eliminate alcohol.
    2. Drink 16 – 20 ounces of water every hour. Your going to think this is crazy and having to get up to go the bathroom constantly – yes, but it works and you will feel significantly better by staying with continuous hydration.
    3. Get up and walk for a few minutes every hour, also add these 3 simple exercises:

    • a. Stretch hamstrings every time you finish walking, toe touches are fine (find the area near the bathroom that has a bit more room).
    • b. Do 20 squats – yes you will get some funny facial expressions from the traveler’s but who cares! It will help to get the blood flowing which is such a problem sitting for so many hours.
    • c. Stretch your calves by using the wall by the bathroom to stretch calves.

    4. Keep coffee and caffeinated tea consumption to a minimum. One or two drinks maximum.
    5. Order the Vegetarian food option even if you’re in first class. Generally, most of the airplane food is not healthy. Don’t eat the junk, chips, cookies, etc. Keep the body clean.
    6. Wear compression socks all the time for long flights
    7. Take along the healthy snacks, nuts and dried fruits work best and are easy to carry. Also, consider taking extra vitamin C.
    8. As soon as you land, no matter how late or early in the morning, do some exercise and it’s imperative to get your heart rate elevated. You don’t need to do something very long but consider going immediately outside and walk, jog, run. Also, use the hotel gyms, etc. Start gradually and warm up fully, then get your heart rate up through a series of intervals and focus on quality workout – shorter time frame. You will feel better with this method than a longer slow workout.
    9. The following day after arrival, exercise first thing in the morning, and if you have a significant time change it will help, as you will most likely get minimal sleep the first night.
    10. Prior to leaving to the airport plan accordingly to get in an easy workout prior to getting on the plane.

    Happy traveling and stay away from Jet Lag.

    The Triathlon Lifestyle

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    We all train and race for so many different reasons in our now mature sport of triathlons. I think most would agree that the greatest memories of a triathlon event beyond personal performance would be the great friends and new acquaintances that last well beyond the race.

    Yes we might remember the negative split run, spectacular course, bad or good race, podium place, Ironman qualification, etc. but at the end of the day those dwarf the personal relationships from new competitor friends, race management and volunteers. It’s always about the people.

    In 28 years of racing it still is amazing to meet old, young, newbie, Tri-geeks, veterans, champions in the sport I am so passionate about and learn something new or unique. As evident with my trip to Huntington Beach, CA to speak and meet the Tribe Long Beach Tri club, @TribeLongBeach. The excitement levels of the first time Ironman athletes competing in the Cabo Ironman next weekend was through the roof. Of course then the focus for the group post-race was to enjoy some fun in Cabo and stay a few days vs. the often norm (because of busy schedules), to fly back home immediately. It was refreshing to hear that it would be a combination of race and then recovery quick vacation.

    Of course the training conditions in Long Beach/Huntington Beach offer year round training and are superb.  With such a great environment for training, I would have a hard time not to be overtrained all the time in Long Beach. Races are a constant with plenty of variety and the beach running races are everywhere and are “low key”. On the beach there are small atmosphere races going on many weekends. If you’re traveling to these beautiful areas of California you should just sign up for a race on race day, as they local races don’t fill up with waiting lists.  Yes, old school racing for sure. Of course, the famous Surf City Marathon (February), is a destination race if you fancy the large scale marathon scene.

    The Tribe Long Beach Idea: Mustard

    The one unique idea that I acquired during the meeting with these passionate Tribe Long Beach athletes is eating mustard during a race (packets). Of course there is pickle juice and other sodium food products vs. gu’s that many athletes swear by, but I have not heard of mustard! I love mustard and can’t wait to test it.

    Can’t wait to see the Tribe again in Long Beach and will be passing on good vibes through the computer for the athletes competing in Cabo. Thanks for the speaking invitation Tribe Long Beach, friends for life!

    Roads to Rhodes Marathon Quick View to the Finish Line

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    Roads to Rhodes Marathon Finish Line Perspective. To those of you doing this marathon, here’s what you should take a look in advance.


    Cruise Ships and Working Out Top 4 Considerations

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    Have you ever been on a cruise ship for a work function/conference or holiday?   After a recent trip to the Caribbean with the Navigator ship (Royal Caribbean) there are several items you should be aware of with respect to working out.    My cruise stopped at three different locations during the 7-day cruise (Honduras, Belize, Mexico).

    Top 4 Considerations

    1.  The ship workout facility is perfect training for a hot weather race!   Although there are plenty of treadmills, bikes, weights, etc. there is almost no air movement within the facility and it’s a sweat fest.   Plan accordingly as water is not free on a cruise (tap water is horrible tasting chlorine) and if you’re doing a long ride, etc. you will need water.

    2.  The treadmills (dreadmills) will feel like your moving back and forth because of the motion of the boat.   Personally, I noticed some back tightness every day and it was clearly from the slight torqueing of the lower back.

    3.  Run on the outdoor tracks early in the morning or when the sun sets as it’s almost impossible to run without stopping to run around people during the day.  Also, the track on the Navigator ship is not an oval and includes some crazy turns to watch yourself as it can be damp in the morning and easy to take a nice sprawling fall (I know this one well!)

    4.  Consider joining in one of the workout sessions – Cross Fit was the theme of the ship.   There are many Pilates, Yoga, and body weight fitness classes to choose from.


    Roatan, Honduras – After porting the best option is to head left after leaving the souvenir shops along the coast for an out and back run.   Be aware, there are serious safety concerns and expect to be hassled non-stop by locals asking for money, etc.  However, it’s spectacular coastline.

    Belize City, Belize – The only option is to run short out and backs on the pier.  Keep in mind that the boat will not dock and you must take a small boat from the ship to Belize City.   Belize City is a scary place and my recommendation is to catch a quick flight to Ambergris Caye or boat ride.   Ambergris Caye offers beach running or you could run a long out and back on sandy roads (the island is around 25 miles long).

    Cozumel, Mexico – Clearly the best option of the stops on this cruise.  The popular Cozumel Ironman is held every year and offers plenty of great running, swimming and cycling options.    Consider grabbing a cab from the port to escape all the shops and ask the driver to take you out on the island toward the beach coast and Ironman bike course area.    Spectacular beaches, roads to run, etc.   As with any destination use common sense to eliminate potential safety issues.

    Cruising does provide many benefits while traveling.  It is relatively easy to be consistent with your workouts especially to wear off all the extra calories with the never-ending food supply!



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